Practice Areas

I became a lawyer because I wanted to help regular, ordinary folks with the kinds of problems you might think shouldn’t require a lawyer – but too often they do.  Within my practice areas, I can help you with most civil law problems, including family law, bankruptcy, estate planning, wills & probate, small business matters, real estate transactions, landlord-tenant concerns, and most other civil law matters.

Regardless of the subject matter, I take pride in getting cases settled without litigation whenever reasonably possible.  Sometimes litigation is necessary, but in most cases, we get more of what we want through negotiation and sensible compromise than by fighting.  I will listen carefully to your concerns, I will explain how your case fits into the law, so you can understand what’s happening at every stage.

My Practice Areas

Family law.  From “simple” uncontested divorce to complex child custody and support cases, from paternity to adoption, I have helped hundreds of Kansas families through some of the most difficult times of their lives, including cases involving grandparents’ rights, Child-In-Need-of-Care (“CINC”) and Protection From Abuse (“PFA”) proceedings, and other serious complications.

Bankruptcy provides a Fresh Start for folks who are in over their heads – usually, because of circumstances beyond their control.  (Bankruptcy is NOT the end of the world!)  I help individuals and families get the fresh start they need through bankruptcy under Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. Usually, that includes eliminating all or most of their unsecured debt, such as credit card and medical debt.  Bankruptcy also provides a way out of secured debt that is “upside-down” (when the collateral is worth less than the remaining debt).

Estate planning and end-of-life planning includes wills, probate, living trusts, and living wills and other health care directives.  This is not just for rich people, folks; it’s for everybody – anyone who cares how they die and anyone who cares about the ones they’ll leave behind.  I can make it easy if you let me help you plan ahead.

Business & major personal transactions.  Smart people know an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  Whenever you consider a major financial transaction such as buying a house or some other major contract, a consultation could save you untold heartache, to say nothing of more dollars than anybody wants to count.

Landlord-tenant matters and most other civil law matters.