Family Law

I have helped hundreds of Kansas families with all kinds of family law issues and I can help with yours, too, whether it is a “simple” uncontested divorce, a complex child custody or support case, adoption, paternity, or one involving grandparents’ rights, paternity, Child-In-Need-of-Care (“CINC”), Protection From Abuse (“PFA”), or Protection for Stalking (“PFS”) proceeding, or any other matter.

A divorce without children (and not too much property or debt) may be a fairly simple matter of filing out the forms and telling the court “he’s got his, she’s got hers, it’s all good” – or it may be as complicated as the parties make it. In the simplest cases, you may not even need a lawyer. See Should I Hire an Attorney?

A divorce with children – and every other kind of family law case – is an entirely different story. Every decision involving child custody and support includes complicated, emotional issues that fairly scream out for the assistance of a good Counselor at Law. Protection From Abuse and Protection From Stalking cases demand a lawyer’s special attention because, in most cases, they’re just one step away from criminal cases.

Whatever kind of family law case you may have, of course I can handle the whole case from start to finish – that’s the traditional model, and that’s what most people expect – but I can provide you as much or as little assistance as you need. If you have a truly simple, uncontested divorce with no children, and you don’t need a lawyer and want to handle it yourself, I’ll tell you where to find the forms for free and wish you well.  If you just want help filling out the forms, or if you only want help thinking about strategy, we can do that, too.  See Should I Hire an Attorney?